Career Transition

Organisation restructures often create the need for organisations’ to downsize their workforce. The process is rarely easy and puts emotional strain not just on the displaced employee but also those remaining in the business.

Career Transition and Outplacement programs are designed to help make this a little easier. Specialist consultants can assist both parties by advising and guiding those delivering the message and then supporting the recipients through the provision of coaching, advice and instruction.

When it’s time to re-evaluate your company’s structure, do you have a plan to ensure your employee value proposition remains credible? Outplacement is an excellent way to support departing staff, whilst also providing confidence in your brand for the longer term.

Benefits to the Employer

Career Transition and Outplacement demonstrates to the individual and other staff the respect and concern the organisation has for the terminated employees. It reduces the potential for hostility towards the employer and protects the organisation’s brand. It supports managers during testing times and provides them with advice and tactical guidance.

Benefits to the Employee

Career Transition and Outplacement provides immediate assistance to the displaced employee most importantly by providing them a pathway through the anxiety and trauma often experienced as a result of the uncertainty that redundancy causes. It improves the individual’s chance of finding the best employment opportunity in the quickest time. It assists the employee make appropriate career and lifestyle decisions, to uncover the options available and develop a plan forward.