Career Transition

Our Value Adds


Project Human Resources supports organisational restructures that potentially displace employees through redeployment and/or redundancy. Our coaching service succeeds because it helps people grow and for those remaining within the business, facilitates a shift in attitude and skillset in keeping with its clients’ structure, culture and objectives.

Project Human Resource’s expertise and services offer a number of key benefits for both the employer and employee.

One To One Coaching Support

Our Outplacement and Career Transition programs are one to one coaching packages designed to meet individual needs. As a result the participant selects, in consultation with their coach, the most appropriate modules in order to ensure the best possible results are obtained during the allocated time period.


Job Search Library

Access to our exclusive members resources tool with an up to date library of information available electronically including job seeker case studies and real advice from recruitment and HR professionals.


One To One Coaching Support

We are able to support our outplacement participants by offering them real job sourcing strategies that our recruitment partners, where appropriate, can assist them to initiate.

Supporting The Employer

Before the termination occurs we meet with the manager to understand the circumstances, gain background information about the individual and establish the actual termination. Where needed we can coach the manager and assist with delivery of the message.


A Guaranteed Reporting Cycle

During the program we regularly report to our clients on our outplacement participants’ progress.

Meeting The Terminated Employee

We are available to meet the terminated employee immediately following the termination interview. This usually takes place in the employer’s premises, and provides an opportunity for the employee to work through their emotions. The manner in which they deal with this often sets the tone for the success of the exit transition.