Career Transition

Transition To Retirement Coaching

Transition To Retirement Coaching

Our Transition to Retirement Coaching program is a rare opportunity for individuals to evaluate their future needs and options. The program is intended to provide support, ideas and strategies to assist participant’s transition to retirement and help you understand what you would like to achieve in the longer term.

Often participants have an idea on the practical plan, but there are some psychological considerations including health, financial, family, friends and social networks, personal identity, future activities and interests.

Retiring is a big change in a person’s life, it deserves to be a pleasant and considered time, whilst maintaining a growth mindset. Project Human Resources will help participants manage this mindset through emotional, psychological and psychosocial adjustment (expectations vs reality) and provide them with coping strategies and resources for a successful transition.


Program Modules

  • How to plan for your retirement
  • Decide what to do after retirement
  • Find personal fulfilment in retirement
  • Figure out if retiring is the best option for you
  • Get tools to cope with the retirement transition
  • Financial planning support

Retiring brings options that never existed before. But this time in a person’s life is often challenging. People might lose social connections, it can be hard to live on a fixed income and they might just not feel themselves anymore. We can help people deal with issues like:

  • Overcoming negative beliefs and emotions
  • Understanding lifestyle changes
  • Losing contact with work friends
  • Finding new interests and hobbies
  • Developing your relationship with your spouse or partner

Transition to retirement can start before people retire; planning is very helpful and our one to one coaching model will provide participants with the tools and information necessary to help them plan for that successful transition.