Let us help you identify and engage with talented people


Project Human Resources provides a talent search service that it applies at every level of employment. Solving challenges in the recruitment market is our speciality and we are committed to delivering positive outcomes by partnering with our clients until the recruitment need or HR solution for the business is delivered in full.

Project Human Resource’s search model actively identifies candidates to ensure that recruitment decisions are made only after evaluating the largest possible pool of qualified, experienced and suitable people. The process itself is a way to gather market intelligence which assists businesses to gauge the makeup of their teams, their remuneration and reward strategies and, most importantly, their brand.

Supporting Bulk Recruitment Campaigns

Project Human Resource’s assessment centre methodologies are often used by companies aiming to take their organisation to a new level. Our senior staff possess significant experience in managing mass or bulk recruitment campaigns and assessment centres to screen large numbers of applicants simultaneously.

Research Services

One of Project Human Resources key services is the delivery of comprehensive research that assists its clients to manage their own recruitment campaigns.

Typically this research is conducted for senior roles but in recent years the availability of the service and its price competitiveness when compared to the costs of engaging a search company has meant wider application particularly for difficult to fill roles.

The ultimate objective of our service is of course to deliver profiles on key people skilled and qualified to perform the role required by our clients. We achieve this through a number of methods and offer a degree of thoroughness not obtained through social media alone. Our techniques include database lists, networking, telephone, direct contact and referrals.